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Jade's birth story

Jade Brooklynn Williams 2/26/16

So let me first start with a couple weeks leading up to the birthday!  at my 36 week dr appt my midwife had mentioned that they would like to induce me at 39ish weeks. That was totally not something i was expecting and i actually assumed she would be late since keton was a week late. so i had scheduled clients up until 2 days before my due date which was March 5th! So this kinda shocked me but i was also totally sold on the idea that she would not be coming late. The reason behind the inducing was because she had a 2 vessel cord. I guess it can cause more complications as the baby gets bigger so they like babies with 2 vessel cords to come around 39 weeks. Thankfully this hadn't caused us any complications throughout the pregnancy and she was thriving and growing right on schedule but that is why they wanted her to come sometime around 39 weeks. so i said ok and scheduled to be induced on March 1st (since my in laws were going to be in Hawaii until the 28th and i didn't really want to have a leap year baby and they were ok with waiting a could days after 39 weeks). So the following day i called all my clients that i had scheduled into the 39th week and told them it wasn't going to happen, but assumed i would be fine until March 1st, so i was booked and overbooked super solid until Feb 27th giving myself 2 days to prepare before her birthday on the 1st.

so skipping forward to Wednesday the 24th i went in for my appointment that morning and had my last ultrasound (which is crazy when they get that big cuz you literally cant see anything really, they are so squished in there) everything looked good. She checked me and said i was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced. i thought that was great but nothing too concerning considering i was dilated to a 4 with keton for a couple weeks and he was still late. she asked if i wanted my membranes stripped and i agreed only because she said the thinner we make me before getting induced the easier it would be so i thought well then heck i better do it, i don't want that to be to crazy of a process. so she does it and she goes o ok now id say your about a 4.5. i was thinking woah don't do too good of a job lady i still have to finish out the work week im booked solid till Saturday afternoon hahah. but anyway i left and all was good the rest of the day. The next morning i woke up about 6:30 a felt some contractions that were a little harder than Braxton hicks but nothing bad so i went to the bathroom did my normal morning stuff. got keton when he woke up and i was noticing a lot of contractions  so as we sat in bed watching some shows i noticed they were 10 min apart, very consistently 10 min apart. i was like hmmm i dont think these are Braxton hicks. i told scottie and he was like ya babe you are having this baby today, your not making it to Saturday. i was like o no its fine, they will go away! so i went about my morning. keton really wanted to go for a stroller ride, he had been asking for days, but i was trying to not do anything that could induce labor so i kept telling him no. this morning i asked sarah if she would take him on a little stroller ride cuz i was having consistent contractions and i needed to lay low until they stopped. so she came over and took him up and down the street a couple times and then alisabeth came over to watch him while i went to work. when i got to work i told the girls that i thought i was maybe in labor but i wasn't sure but id been having contractions all morning and they all freaked that i was there and didn't want to deliver any babies at the salon haha. i told them if they got serious i would leave haha i would make them deliver my baby at work i needed the drugs so i would make sure to leave in time to get those hahh. the whole day i kept my phone in my pocket so i could keep timing my contractions to make sure they didn't get any closer together. it make for a fun work day for the girls and our clients haha. it was cute every time i would look at my phone my client would be like o man you had another one... that was a close one, i would reassure them i was still fine. i was in denial all day that i was actually in labor. about halfway through my clients my contractions were about 7 min apart and getting stronger but nothing i couldn't walk or talk through so i thought for sure i could make it through them all. Nicole at work kept asking me if she should call my friday clients and tell them not to come and i kept telling her no i would be ok to work the next day. i told her to call my sat clients cuz i didn't think i was making it to Saturday. Finally about 4:00 i realized i wasn't going to make it for my clients on friday and i had her call them. by about 5:00 my contractions were 3-5 min apart and strong enough that i didn't want to walk through them but i could still talk through them. thats when i texted scottie and told him i think i was really in labor and he should probably gather some stuff together considering i didn't have anything packed. ( thats the denial part, i really was trying to hold off having this baby until my clients were finished and my in-laws were back from Hawaii haha) i also then asked Nicole to call my 6:00 client and let her know i was in labor and she would have to reschedule. The thought that kept crossing my mind is.. i have to get to the hospital in time to get my epidural but i also dont want to get there and have them tell me im not in labor and i need to go home. so i was conflicted. but anyway i finished up at work and got home, packed up, tried to have a sentimental moment with keton ( i was super emotional about him not being my only baby anymore. once i left i knew it wasn't going to be the 3 of us anymore so i was trying to soak in the moment. he was being a 2 yr old and really didn't care that i was leaving and was just really happy that sissy was coming over to play with him) and we were off. Scottie had to stop and get pizza on the way so we did that and i was just kinda nauseous so i couldn't eat anything. my contractions got a little more spaced out in the car like 5-7 min. still nothing super intense or anything tho so i was still just praying they would not send me home once i got to the hospital. we parked at the hospital, scottie ate his pizza in the car, and i got out and started walking and squatting in the parking garage. i was not getting sent home. i had a couple good contractions waiting for scottie to eat so i got back in the car and said babe i dont think they are going to send us home. i think we are for sure going home with a baby in the next couple days. so he finished up and then gave me a blessing and we went in. we checked in at 7:45 and the nurse in triage was soooo nice like super awesome i really liked her. she checked me and said i was at a 6! i was like yay does that mean i get to stay ha she said yes you are staying and having your baby today ha.

 once we got there everything slowed way down. contractions spaced out between 10-12 min apart. they admitted me and started an iv around 9:15. my family came up and we all thought for sure she would be here sometime in the next couple hours! wrong. the midwife came in and told me that i was in labor but not active labor and that she couldn't do anything to help me along "inducing" labor until i was 39 weeks which was not until midnight. so i said great so you can come back at midnight and break my water and she will be out soon after cuz that worked really good with keton. she said she wanted me to sleep and she would come back in the morning and break my water. at first i was bugged, i was already at the hospital and i was ready to meet my baby. but it was really nice to sleep so i guess that was a good idea! so we sent the fam home and told them we would let them know if anything was happening but if not they could just come in the morning! so we slept that night as best as we could, i probably only woke up for like 4 contractions throughout the night cuz they were so painless, but i continued having them all night about 10-12 min apart. I woke up about 6:30 in the morn and the nurse came in and told me that Kelly my midwife would be making her rounds between 7 and 8. she said i could walk around or get in the tub or whatever until she got there. i decided what the heck ill take a nice relaxing soak in the tub until she gets here since contractions were so easy at this point i thought it would feel nice before things really got moving. so i did.

i soaked for a good like 45 min, until Scottie came in and said Kelly came in but they told her i was in the tub so she said she would come back when i got out. i immediately got out of the tub (i was starting to get sweaty and not comfortable in there anymore anyway) and told scottie to tell the nurse i was getting out so kelly could come back and break my water! i was so ready to get things going.  Kelly and Lisa ( the midwife on-call the night before) came in and they said i was still a 6 but baby was engaged and i was more effaced so that was good. She broke my water at around 8:15 and they needed to monitor baby for 45 min before i could get up and try and get things going on my own. so i sat there in bed. contractions got about 7 min apart and started getting not so enjoyable, still tolerable but close your eyes and breath kind of contractions, so that was good. i was thinking yay the water breaking worked again! so at 9ish my family got there and brought keton so that was so fun to see him again before baby sister came to the fam. he was being his regular 2yr old self but we sat and watched a couple shows together on the bed so that was nice. they also brought mcdonalds breakfast which was sooooo good. i was starving. the midwives said i could eat so i didn't mess around with that nasty jello they think is food. it was great!  at about 9:15 they said i could get up and do whatever i wanted to get things going until  i wanted my epidural. ( side note. they said i could have my epidural anytime. before they broke my water up until she came out basically. for some reason i thought i needed to feel some pain before i got it... big mistake. i am writing this here to remind myself next time. i do not need to feel pain. just get the epidural before they break my water and i will be much happier !!) so at that time i got up to use the bathroom one last time and then i thought i would prob call in the epidural person. so i got up went to the bathroom and while i was in there i had like 3 hard contractions, then i got done and walking back to the bed i had a couple more. i knew it was not going to be long so i sat on the ball that i had tried bouncing on earlier and looked at scottie and told him that we needed to get the nurse to call in for the epidural. she came right in and called them and hooked me back up to the monitors. contractions were coming like 2 min apart and they were intense. i didn't feel any regular contractions with keton cuz i had back labor so bad, all i could feel was constant intense back pain, so this was a whole new experience. i didn't love the feeling but i have to say it still beats back labor 100%! so anyway i was on this ball which was actually really uncomfortable to sit on during contractions and in between but it was so hard to get off it after i was on it cuz they were coming so fast i could move fast enough to change positions haha.

 finally i had scottie put pressure on my back during a few contractions and then help me off the ball and after that i just stood by the bed holding on to the hand rail. kinda swaying back and forth and that was better. the epidural lady came in like 9:50 and i was soooo happy to see her! i was not comfortable and kinda wanted to cry so it was such a relief to see her. so i sat down on the bed and told them i was feeling nauseous. i kept thinking brenee don't throw up you'll be pain free soon and then you'll feel great! i think there might have been a couple tears during the epidural not from the needle but sitting during those contractions takes some serious concentration and it hurts haha. the anesthesiologist asked my nurse if i could be going through transition and she said i dont think so cuz i just checked her before you came in and she was at a 6 so i dont think so. so she got done and immediately i looked at scottie and said babe im gonna throw up. they got the bowl in front of me and bam, all my delicious breakfast. but i felt much better after that and i was already starting to tell they weren't as intense and i was feeling better. i thanked her and she left. the nurse was like on let me just check you to see how your doing. she checked and i was a 9!! transition during the epidural every time haha but you better believe i am still so happy i got one even if i was super close cuz that was enough pain feeling for me. i felt great now that i was getting numb ha. i could still feel the contractions in my left butt cheek it was so weird haha but after we rotated and got the happy meds running through me i was numb everywhere! at this point it was 10:15. nurse said the midwife would be back around lunchtime and we would start pushing! the fam came back in and all was right in the world once again. she told me to let her know if i was feeling any pressure in my bum i was confused cuz i couldn't feel anything so how was i supposed to know if i was feeling pressure but i was like um ok ill let you know haha. at about 12 i had a contraction and all of a sudden i was like um mom i def feel some pressure in my bum all of a sudden i hope she isn't coming out haha. so my mom went out in the hall right away to get the nurse. she checked me and was like woah ya you are a 10 and baby is right here. i can see her head and she has lots of hair!  i was like what the heck you can see her head. i needed to see all this hair she was talking about so i asked for a mirror. something i never thought i would do but she had me so interested in the hair i just had to see. i told her i just wanted to look for a min and then they needed to take the mirror away, they agreed. so i looked and sure enough a little bit of her head was showing a lots of hair i could see! so i did one practice push with the nurse and she was like whoa ok thats enough, i can tell you are going to have no problem getting this baby out so we will wait for the midwifes. she called for all the labor set up people and i looked at scottie and said this is my favorite part and its all going so fast hahha. i had to soak it in for a min cuz it was going to fast. he just laughed at me! timeline from there 12:22 at a 10 head showing 12:25 practice push 12:35 midwifes showed up and the real pushing started. i pushed like 3 or 5 sets of 3 hard pushes and then they kept telling me ok soft push soft push ( whatever that means i basically just did a  little sneeze kind of push ) this whole time i kept the mirror and actually ended up really liking it. i could see the progress of my pushing and that was super helpful and awesome to see. so when she was crowning they told me to hold off pushing to prevent tearing and wow that didn't feel that great. i think that spot didn't get a good enough dose of the epidural cuz i could feel the burning. but it worked it really helped me not tear that much! and then after her head was out they let me pull her out and bring her to my tummy! as soon as i saw her head come out the waterworks started and i couldn't help the tears. i was so happy! so i pulled her onto my tummy which was much harder than it was for keton cuz she was so small there was nothing substantial to grab onto. her little arms and shoulders were so little! she was so blue too i kept asking to make sure she was ok but they reassured me she was just fine!!! it was the best. it always is! holding my sweet baby girl and looking at her for the first time, those are moments you cant get back and ones i will cherish forever. she was so little but still had some great cheeks that made her look bigger than she really was. it was really nice after that they let me hold her for like an hour before they took her to be weighed and stuff and that was so nice! we nursed and she did amazing the first time. takes after her brother with that. they took her to get weighed and she was 6lbs 13 oz. i looked over and saw a 6 on the scale and was like no way. i just had a 6lb baby and she has hair!! 2 things i didn't think were possible after keton! our time after that was amazing and it continues to be!

Lisa the midwife that was assisting Kelly

kelly the midwife that delivered jade

keton was happy to see me but mostly cuz i had chips that he wanted.

our labor an delivery nurse Jo. she was amazing!

keton needed to scope her out, every part of her.

She is the best baby. she eats well. sleeps well. is happy when she is awake which isn't often but its great when she is. she doesn't like to nurse to sleep or get rocked to sleep. she just drifts off in your arms while walking around its pretty amazing. she also will stay asleep when you put her down also something we haven't ever experienced and it is so nice!!! of course i still cuddle her all night cuz i cant bare the thought of her being all alone in her crib when i have a perfectly good arm for her to sleep on! we cant imagine our life without our Jade Brooklynn! She makes us so happy and we cant wait to see the woman she will become!!!

We love you Jade and are so happy you are part of our family!!! February 26th another special day for us to celebrate for the rest of forever!!

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Jade Brooklynn Williams

Meet Jade Brooklynn Williams

Born Friday February 26th at 12:48 pm
6 pounds 13 oz 19 inches long

we couldn't be happier to have her join our family! she is an angel!!

Williams baby number 2!!

Recap of pregnancy with Williams baby number 2!

We decided to stop preventing another baby from coming when Keton was 10 months old, thinking we would probably be pregnant by his 1st birthday if things went as they did last time. we thought the timing would be perfect just what we were thinking. well turns out our timing is not the Lords timing and we didn't get pregnant until the end of May. We were so excited! Well after 3 days of being pregnant i miscarried. i was bummed but also so grateful that if it was going to happen that it happened very early in pregnancy. but i was also confused because the same thing happened before i got pregnant with keton. i asked my midwife if there is a reason for it and she was not concerned and she said nope it is just random pretty much. She said since it was so early we didn't need to wait to keep trying so sure enough the next month i didn't get my period again, took a test and i was pregnant again. This time tho we were pretty apprehensive to really think that i was pregnant because of the past. we still told everyone right away (we don't like to wait) but preceded with caution. i started spotting around the 5.5 week mark and asked if we could do an ultrasound just to make sure everything was fine. That went good we saw as much as we could see that early on and from there on out everything went really well.

This pregnancy was so different than when i was pregnant with keton. i have to say she was much nicer to me than keton was haha. The sickness didn't start until about 7 weeks and ended at about 24ish weeks. i also didn't throw up as much. about 2 or 3 times a day is all! and it wasn't constant nausea like it was with keton it was more come and go throughout the day which was soooooo nice. Also my skin didn't break out in horrible acne and i didn't have one single calf cramp hah. the difference was the heart burn... holy cow that was crazy. it was so intense this time i remember telling everyone if this baby doesn't come out with hair im going to be so upset haha. (wives tale lots of heartburn= lots of hair). also i started showing so early. i felt like at 9 weeks i was feeling so bloated and actually getting a belly it was nuts! i got big really fast but then kinda slowed down and ended about the same. well a little smaller cuz she was 2 weeks earlier than keton was. also i didn't have hardly any swelling. i walked into the hospital with my wedding ring on and my feet didn't swell up at all. only my cheeks got bigger but i mean its pregnancy so thats expected!. i also gained 2 less pounds than i did with keton which is funny because she ended up weighing almost exactly 2 pound less than he was when he was born, 32lbs total. my working out this time around was much different. it mostly consisted of working and chasing around a 2yr old haha with the occasional trips to the gym mostly for lifting and the occasional brisk walk on the treadmill or elliptical. and walks outside. so i was happy i didn't blow up like i thought for sure i would if i didn't hit the gym 6 days a week! Sugar... thats the only thing i wanted to eat the whole time. if it had sugar on it i wanted it in my life! also frosted mini wheats were consumed nightly and oranges!!!! so many oranges. big, small, canned, juice any kind of orange.

As for baby we found out at our 20 week ultrasound that she had a 2 vessel cord. that was the longest ultrasound and of course the tech doesn't say anything they just look around measuring everything and pointing out some stuff and most things i cant tell at all what it is anyway i find out later the reason was because she had a 2 vessel cord. they looked around extra hard to make sure everything was ok with baby. everything measured perfectly how it should at 20 weeks so they ruled out any chromosomal issues that can be more likely with a 2 vessel cord so that was awesome news. she just said now they will have to keep a closer eye on her growth to make sure that she was growing on schedule as that can be a problem with a 2 vessel cord too. so we were going to get an ultrasound every month. so that was kinda fun getting to see her every month and watch her grow. she was always right on track in the 45 to 50%. except for one appt she was pretty low so they couldn't get a good head measurement and they said she was measuring petite in the 18th percent. but she jumped right back up.

i wasnt quite as good at taking pics this time but here are some belly pics from this pregnancy.

This was the morning i took the test and we told keton haha. he had no idea what was going on. but he liked holding the purple pee stick. gross i know. 

 19 weeks

 we're having a girl!!!

 25 weeks

 29 weeks

 36 weeks

37 weeks 

 38 weeks 

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Keton's birth story

Well batter late than never..... Our perfect baby boy Keton Scott joined our family almost 14 months ago. It was the best day, full of so many emotions, and one that we will never forget! The love i felt on that day is a love that i have never before felt. I always found it crazy to think that i could possibly love someone else equally to the way that i love Scottie i mean that is a lot lot lot of love. The second i saw that chunky face and those big kissable lips i knew that love that everyone told me about. The love that only a mother can know, a different love, a love that makes you immediately feel that you will do anything in the world to keep your baby safe. A love that will convince you to sacrifice good sleep for the couch, sleeping sitting up so the boogers don't drain down your sick babies throat. A love that convinces you that snuggling your baby for every nap and all night every night is totally ok and the most important thing at the time. A love that makes it totally reasonable to take your baby to the dr for every cough, runny nose ,fever and new tooth. A love that nothing in the world will ever compare to! I am so blessed to be able to share this love with my amazing super husband and boy does it make me love him even more!!! Thinking back to the day that we finally got to meet our sweet boy has me smiling ear to ear....:)

December 10, 2013

Tuesday morning i had my weekly dr appt. she checked me and told me i was a 3 or 4. so in my mind i assumed like a 3.5. at this point i was already 4 days overdue and i had to schedule an ultrasound and an inducement day if he wasn't here in the next like 10 days so she asked me if i wanted her to strip my membranes and i said yes of course! everyone said it  hurt really bad but i kinda wanted to feel some pain to get me ready so i wasn't as scared for labor pains. Then she did it and it didn't hurt at all. she was hoping that would put me into labor sometime soon but i guess sometimes it doesn't work, so i went on with the rest of the day and nothing was happening! i went and hung out with amia and katie and then went to work on the house that night with Scottie. everything was still normal. we got home around 10ish ate some food and then went into bed. as we were eating i was kinda crampy but didn't think anything of it then as we were laying in bed i kinda felt a cramp that hurt and i was like o nice maybe this is good. then i noticed they kinda came and went like i heard contractions were supposed to and they kinda hurt and my back was killing me. I noticed the first one around 11:30 then,around midnight i finally grabbed my phone and started timing them with my contraction app haha. they started out about 8 min apart all lasting about 1 min long. Shelly (my midwife) had told me earlier that day that i should go to the hospital when they are 5 min apart lasting 1 min for 1 hr. so that is what i was waiting for . so i layed in bed timing them until like 1:30ish and then i couldn't stand laying in bed any longer so i got up, did some laundry, brushed my teeth, and got some last min things in my bag. at this point they were about 3 min apart when i was up and walking around. so i figured it had been long enough. everyone was telling me once i went into labor that i would probably go pretty fast (my family has way quick labors) so i was nervous to wait around at home for too long. I decided to wake up scottie and tell him it was go time. he was kinda confused when i woke him up but then he got really excited. so we said a prayer got our coats on and left! on the way to the hospital i felt like things kinda slowed down but it was def still happening cuz it did not feel super awesome and my back was still killing me! so anyway we got to the hospital a little after 2am got checked in and taken to triage (where they check you to make sure you are really in labor and how things are progressing) so they hooked me up to a contraction monitor and a heart beat monitor for Keton and left me there for about 30 min. she came back in and checked me again and i was still the same and my contractions were still happening but they weren't very consistent so she ordered me to go walk the halls for 45 min and come back and see if i had changed at all after that. so that's what i did. i plugged in my headphones and walked and walked did some squats in the doorways so that no one would see me and more walking trying to get things going. i had a few hard ones that i had to stop walking and breath through but then i went back in the room to be checked again, i was still the same.:( so she said she wanted to call my dr and see what they wanted me to do. she came back with the options of going home and waiting till things got more consistent or stronger or they could give me some pitocin to make my contractions stronger and get things going that way. this was a super hard decision for me cuz i knew if i got the pitocin it would make everything intensify fast and i was convinced i would not be able to do it natural like i thought i wanted to but i also didn't want to go home. i wanted to see my baby and i was already in labor and going home would just make me more impatient! so after like and hr and a half and calling my mom, and my friend Camille (who had just been induced a couple weeks before), talking to a couple different nurses, consulting scottie (which he just wanted me to do whatever i wanted to do so he wasn't really much help), we decided that we were going to stay. talking in triage i discovered the only reason i wanted to go natural was so that i didn't have to pay for the epidural cuz i heard they were really expensive, but scottie asked me if i really wanted to feel like 5 million times more pain then i was already in and that's when i decided why the heck did i ever want to do it natural when i have the option of not feeling a thing. So then i got really excited about getting one and getting things going. so any way they put us in a room around 5:30am got an iv in me after 3 attempts, and then shelly called and said that they should just break my water first instead of starting me on drugs, at that point my contractions had slowed down a ton and i was like what the heck they were doing so good! anyway so they came in and broke my water (side note they had a resident assistant attempt to break my water and she tried for a good 10 min without success then the dr did it in one try) and bam contractions started again and it got intense immediately!!! i had back labor really really bad it was worse than the front contractions so right after they did that the anesthesiologist came in and had to explain everything in case i wanted an epidural. ok back track for a second, i threw up when we first got into triage like crazy a lot. so anyway after the contractions started again i started throwing up again and couldn't stop, literally every min i was heaving. that was not easy to throw up and have contractions at the same time so as the guy was explaining everything i was throwing up and as soon as he got done he said " so just to let you know if you decide you want an epidural it will be about 45 min from when you tell the nurse you want one and when you start feeling relief". so right when he got done saying that i was like um ok i would really like one ASAP hahah he kinda laughed and was like um ok ill go check with the anesthesiologist to make sure. he said that when they did my blood work my white blood cell count was high and sometimes you cant get one if that is high so he had to check. i had so quickly changed my mind about wanting an epidural so now that my mind was set on getting one and then hearing this i was kinda freaking out. so after he left i looked at scottie and said we need to say a prayer that i will be able to get one cuz i am in a lot of pain!  so we did and like 10 min later he came in and said we were good to go! i was so relieved. so this whole time i am contracting and throwing up and scottie is holding my barf bowl and a cool rag on my head and my eyes are closed without any plans on opening them. it is crazy painful in my back and front and i am just so excited to get the pain gone. scottie was so cute he was like babe if you need to scream like that lady we heard while we were sitting in triage you can hahah i told him that wouldn't help the pain at all but it was a cute gesture haha. so he comes in gets the epidural in and like 30 min later i couldn't feel a thing not a THING!!!!. it was weird tho cuz i could still feel and move my feet and legs but from my butt to under my boobs was totally numb. i kept telling scottie "i cant feel my butt and its amazing". i was the happiest thing on the planet, scottie and i were just chatting up a storm laughing it was awesome! then we plugged in my relaxing music and tried to sleep but didn't of course (how were we possibly supposed to sleep when we knew we would be meeting our son in a matter of hours!!) During this time all of our family was at the hospital waiting in the waiting room. We had texted them when we were on our way there and when we got into our room and they were all there in the waiting room by 7AM. how cute are they!! anyway in what seemed like no time i was dilated to a 10 and ready to push. she had me wait a little bit so that he got nice and low and then started pushing.i started pushing at 12:30. That was a whole experience in and of itself! so crazy to push harder than you ever thought possible and then during the contraction break be laughing and joking with the nurses and my awesome midwife Shelly. i can honestly say it was so fun and totally enjoyable but also probably the hardest physical thing that i have ever done!
That is probably why labor and birth is such an unexplainable experience.  I pushed for 50 min which did not feel like 50 min and bam he was out! Shelly let me pull him out after his head and shoulders were out so i pulled him right out and put him on my chest and i just bawled and bawled. it was such an emotional time. i had no idea how i was going to react to the moment when we got to meet our son and it was such a magical moment that i will never forget! he was so cute and so chunky. i remember the first thing that i said to scottie was "babe look at his lips, they're so big" hahah he had some kissable lips on him and he just cried  and it was probably the most adorable thing ever! i just kept looking at him and looking at scottie and saying babe look at him he is soo cute!!! we were so so happy scottie even teared up it was so cute! he was wide awake just looking at us it was sooooo amazing!!!! So they stitched me up while we were looking at him and then they weighed him. Aftervi was all cleaned up we let my family come in so they did not waste any time and they all rushed in to see our sweet angel! it was so fun having everyone in there to experience the joy with us! everyone was so excited it was so awesome!!! they got to see them do his little foot prints and wrap him all up and then they all took turns holding him prob not even a half hour after he was born he was meeting all his family. He loved it and didn't cry at all. We then moved to the next room and i got to nurse him for the first time. let me tell you that boy came out ready to eat so learning to nurse was a breeze with him!!!! i am so lucky i know!!! we spent the next 24 hrs in the hospital and then we got to go home!!!! He was pretty much wide awake his first 24 hrs of life bright eyed and bushy tailed!!! always a very awake and alert newborn and the sweetest baby in the whole world!!! we are soooo in love!

last belly pic at 40 wks 5 days
 after the epidural..... happy happy me!!!
 you just have to throw in the terrible after birth first family pic hahah
 one proud daddy!

 uncle spencer
 Grammi and papa
 uncle Benton
 Keton's paparazzi 

 he looked so tiny in his carseat.... going home!
 uncle bubba and their matching mustaches 
 those cheeks yuuuummmy

it is so fun looking back at the amazing day we had meeting our first son!  we find ourselves more and more in love with him everyday. He makes us laugh everyday and is the light of our lives. We love him soooo much!!!